SMBT Products:

Compares and checks two environments.
Checks object existence between environments - Source vs. target,
Production vs. Education etc. Control / audit of objects, libraries and
disk space. Highlights:

  • Collects Objects' Information.
  • Compare objects existence and attributes between environments.
  • Analysis environments differences.
  • Perform actions based on differences.

What you can do with BMSynChk:
Find missing objects on target system.
Find inconsistency between objects on source and target.
Find extra objects on target. (Not exist on source).
Find objects not used for a long time.
Find files with extreme number of deleted records.
Find files with most activities since last IPL.

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BM Watch Dog
Watches your system for abnormal job status.
It helps to keep your application and system running while taking pre
defined actions to correct unwanted situations.

Foe example: When job is in MSGW, BM Watch Dog inform the operator,
start another job, kill the old job etc. base on predefined actions.

When a necessary job does not exist, BM Watch Dog can submit it for you.

A full log is provided to keep track of all activities taken by BM Watch

Performance information can also be 'watched', like ASP usage, CPU taken
by a job and more.

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